Why schedule an elective ultrasound at Glimpses of Grace?

Glimpses of Grace is owned and operated by a registered OB/GYN Sonographer and welcomes the opportunity for families to be able to bond with their baby in a setting outside of the traditional doctor’s office. We have comfortable seating, and a large screen for viewing to make this a memorable time for you to see your baby.

Does this ultrasound take the place of an ultrasound at my doctor’s office?

No, ultrasounds performed at Glimpses of Grace are non diagnostic and do not replace the ultrasound ordered by your physician in their office. Women seeking an elective prenatal ultrasound with Glimpses of Grace must be under the active care of a physician or midwife. We ask that you have been seen by your provider before scheduling your appointment with us.

Will this be covered by my insurance?

Since this is an elective ultrasound, it is not covered by insurance. We have different package options to fit the needs of our customers. We also will run specials from time to time on our website. We accept cash and credit cards.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, in order to provide the best experience for our customers, appointments are required. Please click the book appointment link on our website to check availability.

Can I bring guests?


Will I be able to get a good picture of my baby?

There are many factors that can affect the images such as baby position, hands or feet in front of the face, amount of amniotic fluid, maternal body type, and sometimes the baby is just being “shy”!

Unfortunately there are no guarantees on the images we can get, but we try our best to get the best pictures of your baby. Some of our 4D packages offer complimentary rescan visit your baby is play hide and seek during your appointment.

Where are you located?

We are located on the west side of Dothan near Flowers Hospital. Our address is 200 Grove Park Lane, Suite 212 Dothan, Alabama

When you turn into Grove Park, the first right will take you to the bank. Take the second right (which is the entrance into the Professional Park). Drive back until you see M. Shannon Daugherty Endodontics and then turn to the right. Our office is on the right in Suite 212.

What should I do when I arrive for my appointment?

In order to provide the best experience we ask that once you arrive and are parked, please call or text us at (334) 791-9027 to let us know you are here. We text you when we are ready for you to come in and you will be greeted by our sonographer in the lobby.